Each year, the Verde Valley Wine Festival is organized and produced by a team of local people in the community. That includes our founder, Maynard Keenan, the festival leadership team (a two-person dynamo of David Baird and Debbie Hunseder), an army of volunteers, and of course, our generous business sponsors. To call our business sponsors the backbone of this event is not an understatement. Without their financial support and in-kind donations, this event simply wouldn’t be possible

What does it mean to be a sponsor? Quite simply, sponsorships are financial, in-kind or product contributions made by a for-profit business or corporation to another organization. In some circumstances, the charitable organization provides the sponsoring company recognition in the form of marketing and promotions. In others, it’s a monetary donation. 

Support Local and Gain Big Benefits: Why Sponsor

If you own a local business here in the Verde Valley and you’ve been looking for a cause or event to support, there are five great reasons to consider the Verde Valley Wine Festival.

  1. Our mission. This event is a celebration of all things local, from wine to food to live music to products and services. If supporting local is a priority for you and your business, look no further. 
  2. Our proven track record. The Verde Valley Wine Festival is now in our fifth year. That means we have enough experience behind us now to run a great event, and to draw people from all over the state. Thousands of people attend our Saturday Main Event. That means major exposure for your business. And your donation is used on exactly what you meant it to be spent on – making the festival the best one yet.
  3. Our target audience. Our primary demographic for festival attendees: women and couples who care deeply about local food wine, and businesses. They also have disposable income. A majority of our ticket holders are from Southern Arizona and stay in the Verde Valley for the whole weekend. Your brand will be front and center with them all day at the Festival.  
  4. You’ll be helping us give back. While the festival is a for-profit event, we donate a portion of our proceeds to area non-profits. In years past these have included the Friends of the Verde River and the Clarkdale Foundation. This year’s festival will raise funds for the Arizona Wine Growers Association and the Arizona Vignerons Alliance. Find out more about opportunities to get involved with our Friday night fundraiser, A Grape Celebration.
  5. Big benefits for your business. We are constantly showing our sponsors love, even before the Festival begins. Your logo will be seen on our press materials, signage, and, depending on your level of sponsorship, even on Festival wine glasses and other materials that ticket holders take home. 

The Verde Valley Wine Festival is exploding in popularity, and we want area businesses to join the fun. We believe we offer a substantial return on your investment.

Here is a rundown of what we still have available for cash sponsorships:

  • $5000 Grand Sponsor
  • $2500 Associate Sponsor
  • $1000 Supporting Sponsor
  • $3000 VIP Lounge Sponsor
  • $2000 “Potty Partner” Sponsor
  • $1500 Photo Booth Friday or Saturday Sponsor
  • $1500 Safe Ride Sponsor
  • $700 Ice Machine Sponsor
  • $700 Music Stage Sponsor

As you can see, there are many different opportunities at a variety of budgets. Join us, support the Arizona wine economy, and be seen! Check out our sponsorship package or contact us at info@thevvwf to find out how you can get involved.