Here are the stellar 16:

  1. Passion Cellars
  2. Four Eight Wineworks
  3. Caduceus Cellars
  4. Saeculum Cellars
  5. Bodega Pierce
  6. The Oddity Wine Collective
  7. Dos Cabezas Wineworks
  8. Garage East
  9. Arizona Stronghold
  10. Sand Reckoner Vineyards
  11. Callaghan Vineyards
  12. Burning Tree Cellars 
  13. Rune Wines
  14. SouthWest Wine Center
  15. Merkin Vineyards
  16. Chateau Tumbleweed

The Festival is a chance for you to sample many of the unique wines made right here in Arizona by the fast-growing boutique wineries, most of them family-owned. It’s been our mission from the very beginning to present an all-Arizona wine festival. All 16 of these wineries source their grapes from all over the state, and now they’ll be showcased here in the Verde Valley. Come out and see what the state-wide winemaking community has to offer. Get your tickets today!